About Us
Since 2006, we have been selling Dead Sea products all over Finland.
At first, we were based on sales at stands and shops. Today, our activities are based on online sales and wholesale.
After several years in which we worked with several brands of Dead Sea, our mission is to look for a brand where the ingredients of the products are suitable for the Finnish customers.
What does that mean? Finnish customers usually have very delicate skin, redness, dry skin, and more (due to the weather).
Today, we are marketing the brand name, "Obey Your Body," which is one of the highest-quality Dead Sea products in the market.
These products are mainly based on the following:
Dead Sea minerals 
Natural plant oils and extracts
Nourishing care with Omega 3 & 6 and several vitamins
Walnut oil, soothing chamomile, and calendula
All products are PARABEN-FREE!

Obey Your Body was established in 1997 with the mission of providing even the most demanding; customers with outstanding selective skincare products based on the unique health and beauty Promoting minerals and compounds of the Dead Sea. The company's products are manufactured based on proven formulas combining these essential minerals with a variety of plant extracts and Vitamins; and are intended not only for the general public; but also specifically for people with problem skin; as Sensitive skin, irritated skin, and redness. Including those suffering from various skin disorders psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, severe acne, and more.

Returns and Exchanges: Customer has a right to return a product within 24 hours after delivery!   *Please check our policy Returns & Exchanges


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